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Agribusiness Risk and Insurance will help you understand the agribusiness-specific nuances of risk management, learn where standard insurance programs have unique implications for farms and agribusinesses and stay on top of emerging strategies for managing agribusiness risks.

Your subscription to Agribusiness Risk & Insurance (ARI) will give you the ability to interpret the coverage provided by standard farm forms, identify coverage gaps, compare policy forms, and stay ahead of emerging exposures. This unique online resource includes the following:

  • Provides an unbiased analysis of agribusiness exposures and insurance
  • Addresses the knowledge gap(s) in this industry for agents, adjusters, and underwriters
  • Provides best practices for agribusiness risk management and insurance programs
  • Keeps you up-to-date on ISO and AAIS form changes and updates
  • Includes discussions of crop insurance, agribusiness and farm contractual risk transfer, and agribusiness and farm pollution risks and insurance

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What's included

Product Description

This go-to reference will be updated quarterly, and any new content is automatically included with your subscription. Planned enhancements include expanded content addressing the following topics:

  • Agribusiness Risk Management
  • Agritainment
  • Food Safety and Product Recall
  • Use of Drones in Farming
  • Winery and Brewery Exposures
  • Technology in Agribusiness
  • Crop Insurance
  • Agribusiness and Farm Contractual Risk Transfer
  • Agribusiness and Farm Pollution Risks and Insurance

Agribusiness Risk and Insurance is a must-have resource for agribusiness risk management and insurance professionals who want to enhance their ability to assist clients, become a more valuable employee as the “go-to” agribusiness risk expert, and increase sales and revenue by effectively managing accounts.

Agribusiness Risk and Insurance covers these topics.

  • Farm Property
  • Farm Liability
  • Farm Auto
  • Workers Comp
  • Umbrella Policies
  • Agribusiness Insurance Coverage Checklists
  • Access to ISO and AAIS farm forms

Benefits to You

  • Identify common gaps in agribusiness insurance policies and specify policy endorsements needed to properly cover unique agribusiness exposures.
  • Recognize the vehicle-related loss exposures agribusinesses face and the various ways in which they can be insured.
  • Identify key property exposures that farm and agribusiness accounts face and recognize the insurance form and/or endorsement(s) that can be used to address a given exposure.
  • Understand the effect of various farm liability policy and umbrella policy conditions and recognize how each should apply in a given situation.
  • Determine additional coverages your agribusiness client needs, such as equipment breakdown insurance, mobile farm equipment insurance, pollution insurance, animal mortality insurance, and/or crop insurance.
  • Quickly and competently answer your customers' questions about how their policies apply.
  • Identify common gaps in your insurance policies and work with your agent or broker at applying endorsements needed to properly cover unique agribusiness exposures.
  • Recognize situations in which workers compensation laws apply to agribusiness operations, identify the impact of those laws, and understand the coverage alternatives.
  • Get quick answers and solutions to risk management questions and problems.
  • Determine if your agribusiness or farm needs insurance coverages such as equipment breakdown insurance, mobile farm equipment insurance, pollution insurance, animal mortality insurance, and/or crop insurance.
  • Recognize the need for and the functions of excess and umbrella liability insurance policies.
  • Helps answer tough questions and solve problems posed by your agents, brokers, and insureds.
  • Provides third-party support to your answers and recommendations reinforcing client trust.
  • Helps identify hidden exposures and provide coverage options.
  • Deciphers the impact of requested endorsements or other coverage modifications to enable underwriting decision making.
  • Serves as an excellent training tool for your staff about the unique risks of agribusinesses and the appropriate risk management strategies.
  • Identify common gaps in your client's insurance programs and what endorsements to use to properly cover unique agribusiness exposures.
  • Recognize why many agribusinesses and farms need coverages such as equipment breakdown insurance, mobile farm equipment insurance, pollution insurance, employment practices liability insurance, animal mortality insurance, and crop insurance.
  • Provide valuable insight to help justify your fees and enhance client trust and referrals.
  • Helps you answer tough questions and give proper guidance to your agribusiness clients.
  • Identify coverage best practices for agribusinesses to help increase your value-added service to clients.
  • Evaluate standard industry practices as a basis of comparison to the realities applicable to your cases. 
  • Gain valuable insight to what the policies do and do not cover in absence of legal precedent.

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