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This report analyzes the insurance products available to cover liability incurred by providers of technology services or products, such as data storage companies and website designers. The policies most frequently cover liability for data breaches and other losses not involving bodily injury or property damage.

Compiled by Rick Betterley, a leading consultant on professional liability markets, The Betterley Report provides a series of highly acclaimed market survey reports on six specialty insurance products, including technology errors and omissions and cyber/privacy/media liability. Subscribers will receive the complete 50-175 page report(s) filled with exhibits of the critical differences in insurers' coverage, market appetite, and capacity.

Each report:

  • Identifies the leading insurers in these markets
  • Contains detailed policy comparison charts citing the key differences in their policies
  • Examines claims experience and pricing trends
  • Analyzes the state of the market and whether it is growing
  • Discusses value-added (i.e., loss control services) offered by the insurers in each market

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Product Description

The "Technology Errors & Omissions Market Survey" edition of The Betterley Report compares and contrasts the options available in the insurance marketplace and sheds light on the specific knowledge that can help any risk management and insurance professional better address technology E&O exposures.

Following a general overview of the state of the technology E&O insurance market, the report dives into the trademark feature offered in each edition of The Betterley Report: Incomparably detailed charts comparing the leading technology E&O insurers. These comparison charts allow readers to see how each of the insurers stacks up with the others in terms of:

  • Contact and Product Information
  • Target Markets
  • Limits and Sublimits
  • Deductibles, Distribution Channel, and Commissions
  • Privacy Breach of Their Own Data
  • Privacy Breach of Client Data
  • Media Liability
  • Business Interruption and System Failure
  • Theft (First-Party Coverage)
  • Policy Type, Who Is Insured, Subcontractors, Definition of Claim
  • Definition of Products and Services
  • Definition of Damages
  • Other Policy Definitions
  • Definition of Defense Expenses
  • Claims Reporting, ERP, Selection of Counsel, Consent To Settle
  • Prior Acts
  • Coverage Territory
  • Exclusions
  • Risk Management Services and Additional Cost

Benefits to You

  • Sell more and grow revenue by pinpointing errors in competitors' policies/proposals.
  • Identify, eliminate, or avoid coverage gaps with coverage comparison charts.
  • Research competitors with quick policy comparisons.
  • Keep up with year-to-year trends in policy form development.
  • Identify markets and match them up to your clients' needs.

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