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Insurance Law Essentials provides you with valuable tools for insurance coverage legal research.With the insight of the most respected insurance coverage minds in the country at your fingertips, Insurance Law Essentials will keep you informed of key legal trends from across the country—no law degree required. 

You will be able to:

  • Support your decision in a claims dispute and help your clients get paid.
  • Gain an understanding of the hottest insurance litigation topics from expert summaries
  • Access in-depth articles on leading-edge coverage cases and legal articles.

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Your subscription to Insurance Law Essentials includes access to the following content.

Insurance Law Reporter 

Our experts comb through the mountains of case law to deliver the most important decisions on insurance coverage decisions straight to your inbox twice a month. We alert you to breaking coverage decisions, organized by coverage line and jurisdiction, so you can quickly find the cases that are important to you.

Deep Dives 

In addition, you will receive deep dive legal articles written by expert insurance coverage attorneys from across the nation. The articles focus on current issues and trends with significant implications for insurance professionals. If you're looking for significant legal insurance developments, look no further. Many of these articles are written by the Insurance Law Essentials board, a group of vetted experts from the American Bar Association's Tort Trial & Insurance Practice Section. 

COVID Coverage Issues

Never before has the United States encountered a nationwide catastrophe like the coronavirus, resulting in billions, possibly, trillions of dollars of lost business income. The result has been thousands of business interruption lawsuits filed against commercial property insurers. Know the significant appellate rulings with an interactive US map showing the status of the litigation in each state. Also, stay up-to-date with breaking news of important developments.

Case Summaries

Quickly search our database of over 10,000 insurance case summaries and drill down with our unique filters that make legal research much simpler and faster. Use this search functionality to find relevant case law to support an insurance claim, negotiate coverage enhancements, and/or resolve insurance coverage disputes. Attorneys doing insurance coverage work will appreciate how fast and easy it is to find relevant case law. But you don't need to be a lawyer to use it. Court cases are organized by type of insurance policy, policy provision, and coverage issue, so that anyone with a basic understanding of the insurance industry can easily locate needed information. 

Fundamentals of Insurance Law

A must-read for every insurance professional, this resource will help you make informed decisions, navigate claims successfully, and uphold your rights. You will gain an understanding of basic legal principles that insurance and risk professionals need to understand to excel at their jobs including contract interpretation, property law, civil liability, and agency law.

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