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Designed to help risk management and financial executives start and maintain a risk management program, Practical Risk Management discusses the entire process from exposure identification through implementation and monitoring of the program.

It suggests risk management practices to implement and provides concise and understandable explanations of most types of insurance coverage along with tips on the best coverage options. Includes discussions on employment practices liability exposures and insurance coverage, insuring small businesses, coverage triggers, private company D&O, and nonprofit D&O.

This resource also features IRMI Spotlight, a helpful summary box that provides readers with a quick overview of the contents of the Web page and contains points that focus on important key areas.

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What's included

Product Description

Practical Risk Management covers these topics.

  • Risk Management Activities
  • Risk Finance & Self-Insurance
  • Insurers
  • Loss Control/Claims Management
  • Legal & Political Aspects
  • Property Risks and Insurance
  • Liability Risks and Insurance
  • Risk Manager’s Resources
  • Specific Industries
  • Includes Newsletter: Risk Management Notes

Benefits to You

  • Educate your staff on risk management principles to help enhance their value-added service capabilities.
  • Helps your staff answer questions posed by your insureds and provides third-party support to recommendations.
  • Gain insight into points to cover in risk management polices to employ in your organization.
  • Get quick answers and solutions to risk management questions and problems.
  • Excellent training tool for those not experienced in risk management.
  • Improve your ability to select, manage, evaluate, and motivate insurance brokers.
  • Fine-tune your insurance or risk management program with practical tips and ideas.
  • Support your explanations to senior management.
  • Educate your staff on risk management processes to help enhance their underwriting prowess.
  • Help your staff answer questions posed by your insureds and agents/brokers and provide third-party support to recommendations.
  • Includes 156 case citations
  • Increases your value-added service to clients with authoritative insurance and risk management recommendations.
  • Enhances your ability to provide useful risk management advice.
  • Helps answer questions posed by your clients.
  • Enables you to give associates a quick and easy-to-understand overview of most lines of commercial insurance.
  • Gain insight into points to cover in risk management policies to employ in your clients' organizations.
  • Get quick answers and solutions to risk management questions and problems.
  • Fine-tune insurance or risk management programs with practical tips and ideas.

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